Samsung display LCD complete set GH82-18849 B white / Prism white for Galaxy S10 plus G975F 6.4 inch

  • $259.00

Full LCD + touch screen for Samsung Galaxy S10 plus G975F 6.4 inch white Prism / Prism White + opening tool your display is broken or has a pixel error or other? No problem, here you can order the replacement LCD touch screen. Repair your mobile phone easily yourself and save high repair costs. If you want to start your Samsung Galaxy S10 plus G975F 6.4 inches, hear though that it boots up but the display stays dark and shows no reaction? Make dots or a permanent flickering on the screen, use your mobile phone difficult or impossible? Where all components are assembled this set. You need to change only the display. A tool set, we you for installation included. Should you do not dare to this repair so repair we your device. You can ask the cost. If you want to use this service please contact us. Scope of delivery: Original unit in the color white for Prism / Prism White tool is not fitting instructions included invoice VAT Samsung full LCD (you will find various tutorials on YouTube)

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