iPhone XS Max Bluetooth Antenna Flex Cable

  • $7.00

Is it hard to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices with your iPhone XS Max? We send various media contents from Bluetooth-enabled devices every now and then. Sometimes it’s a demo clip for your new product while at times it’s a beautiful tune that your friend has recommended to you. It would be a terrible situation if you found out that you are not able to connect to Bluetooth. The major reason behind it is a damaged Bluetooth antenna in your iPhone XS Max. So, how will you solve the problem? Don’t worry, you won’t need to get a new phone altogether. The only thing you have to do here is to get a brand new iPhone XS Max-Bluetooth antenna flex cable replacement. 


  • 100% unused and brand new 
  • Brings back the Bluetooth connectivity capacity of your phone and enables you to enjoy sharing and exchange of media contents with Bluetooth-enabled devices easily
  • Every part of the Bluetooth antenna flex cable replacement has been rigorously tested to assure the most top-notch performance
  • Engineered especially for iPhone XS Max

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