iPhone XS Max Back Camera

  • $55.00

The iPhone XS Max has the largest display ever to be featured by any Apple smartphone. The phone is powered with 3 cameras of which 2 sit at the back. Both the rear cameras of iPhone XS Max are 12 MP each to ensure the most bombastic shots. Now, what if such powerful rear cameras end up with scratched lenses? What if you start facing focusing issues with your state of the art XS Max rear cameras? That would be really painful as the rear cameras are one of the greatest treasures of the XS Max.

However, these rear camera problems do not necessarily mean the end of the world. No, there is no need to change the entire phone. Just purchase a brand new rear camera replacement. You will simply need to install it in the place of your existing camera and enjoy the majestic shots that the iPhone XS Max was made for. 

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